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Where is the story going?

Where do you guys think the story is going? I was thinking that the final goal of the series would be reaching the Valley of the World tree, but now that they already are so close I'm starting to wonder where the story really is going. So what do you guys think, what's going to be the focus after this? Also do you guys feel like the manga is maybe advancing a little too fast?
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Pages that need attention (as of 7/31/16).

Though we're small, adding as much content as we can is paramount.
Adding all we know to:

Yae's Father
Yae Tokiro (Appearance)(Synopsis)(Personality)
And though it's early, we can always try and promote guidelines and policies.
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Automated warriors are crayfish, confirmed? just check this out guys, the automated warriors need to have something do to with animals! Crazy theory but I think that the robots were created in the image of animals because the people who created them wanted to somehow recreate that what was before everything went to shit and the planet turned into a desert. Idk I'm jsut rambling on at this point lol
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Tips for improving the Wikia

This is a general thread where the community can give tips and helpful advice on how to improve the wikia.
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