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Sahara the Flower Samurai
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Pages that need attention (as of 7/31/16).

Though we're small, adding as much content as we can is paramount.

Adding all we know to:

And though it's early, we can always try and promote guidelines and policies.

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Hey everyone!

I made a tab called 'media' and plan to place the chapters there. Like

Media > Manga > Chapter 1 etc.

When there's an anime etc. those things will be placed under the media tab as well. I'm trying to figure out how to do the thing that goes like < Former chapter Next Chapter > right now if you know what I mean. 

Do you think this is a good idea? 


That sounds smart, rather than having to search for individual chapter pages and anime episode they are all under the same tab and that's good. But the list will become really long once more chapters are released, so when that time comes we'll have to do something about but for the time being it's good :)

We could make it like Manga > chapters then if you know what I mean. When you click on the chapters it will be like a page with volumes like Volume 1: chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. 

and those numbers are like links to the pages about the chapters if you know what I mean. I don't really know yet (-:


I get what you mean, I think a tab that then branches out to chapters when you hover over a specific volume could be cool? I dunno if that's possible though...


Okay guys new chapter is out!

Things that should be pages:

Chapter 2 Summary

Yonosuke Asagi

Battleship town

Things that should be updated:

Sahara's sword forms, (10 swings a day, the 2 new forms)

Automated warriors, we learnt much that we previously didn't know like who created them and such

The Great War, was apparently started by the humans because they built too advanced technology.

There is probably a bunch more stuff but this is something to start with :)

This chapter was great. What we learnt will be a tremendous addition to the wiki.

True! I found the creators twitter by the way and he made some fanart. Yae has blonde hair. You can check it out for yourself; his username is tokiwablue21

I'm not 100% sure if that's his twitter actually LOL

I found two photos and one of them was clearly not in Yuusukes style and then two others that were in his style had different hair colors for Yae. One had brown hair and the other one the same hair color as sahara. Im kinda confused. Here are the pictures.


here she has sahara like pink hair


here it is hard to see but she does have brown hair here


But nonetheless if that is his twitter then good find! :D

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