Automated Warrior
Other Name(s) Zombie
Classification Automated Warrior
Race Robot
Manga Sahara

Automated Warriors, also called zombies (ゾンビ | zonbi), are large humanoid robots that survived the Great War. For reasons yet to be revealed, they roam the deserts attacking anyone in sight most of the time. It is because of their destructive potential, wanderers are wary of traveling without means of flight.



The Automated Warriors were hinted created by humans in the previous era for a yet to be revealed reason. They are known to be very hostile, attacking anyone in the vicinity for the majority of cases.


Automated Warriors are often depicted as aged and rusted, colossal automatons with visible wear and tear on their exoskeleton.



A zombie easily slashing through an aircraft.

Physical Capabilities: Not much is known of the full capabilities the automated zombies possess, but due to their massive size, they are capable of easily doing great damage. One of which was even fast enough to catch off-guard and bisect a moving aircraft.


Like other machinery featured in the series thus far, they seem to be based on the crustacean wildlife.

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