• This is a general thread where the community can give tips and helpful advice on how to improve the wikia.

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    • Here is are two things that aren't of much priority but can still be fixed on the wikia. I don't have admin status so I can't fix them myself.

      1. We should add another category like the "Character" one, for example we could have: "Locations", "Misc." , "Groups" , "History" but for many of those we'll have to wait for some more info on the manga :)

      2. Under the "Community" category the link to the forum doesn't work correctly, the link takes you to a page that says that forum has been archived. A correct link could be added ;) (and yes I know that you can still acces the forum under the "On the Wiki" category but still, why leave something broken when you can fix it?)

      Keep editing and stay awesome!

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    • We've got the location category and I agree on the rest. And instead of History, maybe "Lore" category.

      I'll fix the forum tab right away.

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    • Oh yeah "Lore" sounds much better, good work :)

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    • I agree.

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    • A FANDOM user
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