just check this out guys, the automated warriors need to have something do to with animals! Crazy theory but I think that the robots were created in the image of animals because the people who created them wanted to somehow recreate that what was before everything went to shit and the planet turned into a desert. Idk I'm jsut rambling on at this point lol 
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    • I love this! I agree.

      That could be true. I mean, the aircraft was some type of crustacean well. So for the sake of correlation, I'd say that a lot will be based on that. Though it might be too early to assume that all the zombies will look like the one recently featured.

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    • Oh yeah the aircraft was also drawn in a similar design, I totally forgot. Yep and everything you said makes sense.

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    • Lmfao!

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    • A FANDOM user
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